Yes we can 5 - Kennsluleiðbeiningar

Yfirlit yfir orðaforða 15 Yfirlit yfir orðaforða Kafli Ný orð og setningagerðir Málfræðileg áhersla Algeng orð 1 What’s your sport? early, late, ten to, ten past, favourite, goggles, diving, I get dressed, thirsty, hungry, tired, wake up I’m interested in … On Wednesdays, I … When do you …? Reglulegar sagnir í nútíð too, many, do, on, in, me, and, called, to, but, not, when, is, his 2 Wizards and witches witch, wizard, ghost, dragon, toad, castle, cave, wand, brave, scared There is … There are … How do you …? Persónufornöfn I, you, he, she, we, they, there, it, people, day, house, make, if, time, just, no 3 A trip to London town, street, turn left, turn right, bridge, shop, church, theatre, plane, traffic light How do I get to …? I’m going to … Notkun á forsetningum til að lýsa stefnu eða staðsetningu big, could, see, go, about, with, by, of, dad, it’s, into, opposite, mum 4 Wild animals penguin, snake, elk, bear, fur, world, country, travel, dangerous, leaves What is the same? What is different? Notkun eignarfornafna had, like, have, said, my, as, our, came, this, out, up, an, back, their 5 My passion practise, drums, famous, poem, audience, painting, play, excursion, museum, costume What can you do? I can’t … I can … Samsett nútíð a, can, am, for, down, your, be, get, say, her, the, are, him, children, I’m, now 6 Collectors pilot, airplane, planets, compass, glacier, astronaut, collection, map, photograph, telescope What did …? Where did …? When did …? Þátíð sagna were, was, one, then, that, got, went, them, so, put, at, old, some, very 7 Save the oceans octopus, rubbish, duck, turtle, beach, bracelet, shark, tidy up, bottle, sea These are … Those are … Look at … Notkun á these og those m.t.t. fjarlægðar all, will, don’t, these, what, look, from, or, come, little, must, made, help