Kyn, kynlíf og allt hitt - Rafbók

It’s good to know something about all body parts: the parts you have already, the parts you don’t have yet that will grow later, and even the body parts you might never have. You may have noticed that people don’t talk about middle parts as much as they do other body parts. You may have heard different names for these parts. You may have your own name for middle parts. Sometimes people make up funny or silly names for middle parts. Silly names can be fun, but it’s also good to know the names that a teacher, doctor, or nurse would use if they wanted to tell you something or ask you a question about your body. 11 pi etta eru sex stafa ord en pi au eru ekki pi ad svar sem ég var ad leita ad. Gefist pi id upp? Svarid er kynlíf. Einmitt. Kynlíf. Getur einhver sagt mér hvad gerir kynlíf ad fyndnu ordi? Typpi Brjóst Ad kyssast