Vocabulary occupations

Write down the name of the job from the list below.

an archaeologist a bouncer a physiotherapist
an astronaut a civil engineer a tycoon
an estate agent an au pair a politician
a judge an undertaker an accountant
an interpreter a shop steward a forensic scientist

I stand at the door of night-clubs and discos. If anyone misbehaves, I have to make sure

they leave the premises by force if necessary. I also stop unwelcome or underage people

from coming in. Im .

I have been elected by my co-workers in the factory where I work to represent them in

discussions with the management. Im .

I work at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. My job is to change what one person says in

French into English. Im .

I travel a lot in my job. In fact, I am off to Greece tomorrow. I look at very old things like

buildings, tombs, weapons, tools, and so on. Im .

I prepare dead bodies for burial or cremation and I organise funerals. Im

I arrange the buying and selling of homes, land and property, Im .

I love my job. I live with a wonderful family. I look after three young children, do a bit of

housework. The bonus is that I have the chance of learning a foreign language and the

culture of the country. Im .

I am a very successful businessman. Im extremely wealthy and very powerful. Im

My job is to plan and build public buildings, roads, tunnels and bridges etc. Im .

I help people do their tax returns. I also keep records for people or companies of the money they have spent or received.

Im .

People who have been injured or whose muscles are stiff come to me. I move or rub the

injured or sore part of the body. Im .

Im not very popular with criminals. I decide what kind of punishment a person who has

broken the law is to receive. Im .

I work for the government or the opposition. I represent my constituency and am involved

in the law making process. Im .

My job is very exciting. I orbit the earth collecting scientific information. Im .

I examine objects or substances that are involved in a crime. I am .

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