Vocanulary occupations

Write down the name of the job from the list below.

a chef a head teacher a model
a fire fighter a miner a vet
a plumber an architect a flight attendant
a lawyer a pilot a logger
an electrician the editor a civil servant

I work for a newspaper. Im in charge of it. Im .

My job is to put out fires. Im .

I work underground. I dig up coal. Im .

People come to me for legal advice. Sometimes I have to go to court on behalf of my

clients. Im .

I treat animals that are ill or hurt. Im .

I appear in fashion shows. I walk up and down the catwalk. Im .

I look after passengers on a plane. I give them food and drink and take care of their needs.

Im .

I am in charge of the running of a school. Im .

I have to wear a uniform in my job. I work for Icelandair. Im .

I cut down trees for wood and help transport them. Im .

I work in a government department and am responsible for implementing government

policies. Im .

I have to produce gastronomic delights for my guests. Im .

If your house is old, it will probably need rewiring and then you will need to call me in. Im


If a pipe bursts or a radiator leaks, you will call me in. Im .

I design new buildings and make sure that they are built correctly. Im .

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