At the doctorĺs

Complete the text with the words below. One of the phrases is used twice

appointment, surgery, antibiotics, energy, chemistĺs, receptionist, clinic, GP (general practitioner), pulse, diagnosed, drained, examination, stethoscope, waiting room, respiratory, symptoms, temperature, prescribed, pneumonia, medication, under the weather, lung cancer, examine, blood pressure, prescription

As I had been feeling for several weeks, I decided to phone my for

an . When I arrived at the I went to the and gave my name. There

were only a few people in the so fortunately I was soon called into my doctorĺs


I told her that I had been feeling for some weeks and she asked me what

my were. I told her that I had been feeling really and had no at all.

She told me to get up on the table, as she wanted to me. First she felt my

. It was racing. Then she took my which was a bit high. Next she took my

. It was 39.5C. Lastly she listened to my breathing through her .

She that I had and that I would need . She a

course of . She wrote out the and told me to take it to the

immediately. She also advised me, as she always did, to give up smoking. She said that if I

didnĺt, then one day, I might get or a debilitating disorder. I smiled, as

usual, and promised I would try.

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