Vocabulary Medical terminology

Complete the text with the words from the words below. Some of the words are used more than once.

ambulance, doctor, casualty, examined, operating theatre, anaesthetist, surgical ward, nurse, paramedics, blood transfusion, waiting room, intensive care unit, critical, anaesthetic,
recovery, surgeon, injuries, operation, injured, operate on, blood transfusion, drip feed,
monitor, monitoring

If you are involved in a traffic accident and are seriously , you will be rushed to

hospital in an . In the there are . They are the first people

who look after you. If your are not too serious, you might first go to and be

by a . You certainly won't have to wait in the . If your

are serious, you will probably be sent to the where a will you.

Before the , you will be given an by an so that you

will feel no pain during the . If you have lost a lot of blood, you will be given a

. After the , you will be kept in the . Here a

will your condition. To begin with because you cant eat you will be given a

. When you are no longer in a condition and no longer need 24-hour

, you will be sent to the , where you will be looked after until you

have made a complete .

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