Question tags 2

Complete the dialogue between Tim and May by adding the correct question tags.

Tim: You went to Angela's party last night, ?

May: You weren't there, ?

Tim: No, I can't stand her dinner parties. They're such a bore, ? She can't cook

at all, ?

And the wine she serves is always plonk, ?

To top it all, she always invites such boring people, ?

May: I think you're being very unfair. Her guests are not all boring. She always invites me and I'm an

interesting person, ?

Tim: I couldn't go anyway. I had to help my sister move. I couldn't let her do it all by

herself, ?

And it was a good excuse to get out of going to the party, ?

May: You really are awful, ? I haven't noticed that you are such a hotshot

cook yourself. You remember the last meal you cooked for me, ?

It was awful, ? You didn't use enough salt, ? And the vegetables were overcooked,


Tim: I had an off day. It doesn't happen often, ? I have just made a delicious

pasta dish. Taste some and tell me what you think, ?

May: Mm, yummy! But then anyone can make pasta, ?

Tim: That's not true. It takes great skill to make home-made pasta.

You know that, ? And the sauce wasn't out of tin either. You realised that,

? You should invite me over for dinner, ? Then we'll see who's

the better cook, ?

May: Maybe I'll do that. But I've got to run. I have loads of shopping to do. See you.

Tim: Bye.

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