Question tags

Complete the dialogue between William and Nicole with the correct question tags.

William: Itís Saturday today, ?

Nicole: Yes, it is.

William: Turn the telly on, ?

Nicole: You can turn it on yourself, ?

William: Donít be so mean! Youíre never nice to me, are you?

Nicole:Youíre just a lazy layabout. You know that, ? You can

see Iím busy, ?

William: Busy! I donít call reading a stupid magazine busy. Anyway,

youíve read it before, ?

Nicole:Thatís none of your business, ? I can read what I like when I

like, ?

William: All right Iíll turn the telly on. Pass me the remote control, ?

Nicole:Youíre not going to watch ďEastendersĒ, ? You know I

canít stand it, ?

William: You do what you want to do and Iíll do what I want, then weíll

both be happy, ?

Nicole:Why donít you watch it in the bedroom, then you wonít disturb

me, ?

William: Iíve had enough of your moaning. Donít expect me back until

closing time, ?


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