My sister Emma

Put the verbs in brackets into the present simple or present continuous tense.

I really (admire) my sister, Emma. She (work) at an orphanage in India. It

(be) voluntary work, so she (not earn) much money. She (earn) just

enough to make ends meet. She (love) working there because she (know)

she (help) to make the lives of these children better.

Her day (start) early. She (get up) at 5 and she never (finish)

before 10. Emma (not mind) working long hours but one of her colleagues

(always complain) and that (get on) her nerves. Why come

out here, (say) Emma, if you (not want) to work hard?

At the moment, Emma (not be) at the orphanage. She (stay) in Calcutta.

She (do) a course at the university there. She (go) there once a week.

She (learn) sign language. Two little deaf boys (stay) at the

orphanage now so Emma (try) to learn sign language in order to be able to

communicate with them.

It (be) the monsoon season now and it (rain) constantly. It (pour)

with rain now. Emma (love) this time of the year because the air (be) fresh.

I (miss) my sister a lot. So (do) the rest of the family and I (look forward) to her returning to England. She back (come) for a

short holiday at Christmas. It will be great to see her again,

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