Too good to be true

Fill in the correct form of the adjectives in brackets in the space before it.

Alice and Sue are twins. They are alike but not identical. Alice is (short) and a little

thinner (thin) than her sister. Her hair is (long) and (curly). She is altogether

much (pretty) than her twin. She has a (short) nose and a (full) mouth.

Her smile is (charming) and her manner is (pleasant).

Sue is (shy) and is (out-going) than her sister. Alice is always

surrounded by a lot of friends. She is (friendly) and

(popular) girl in the class. Alice is also very clever. She is (intelligent) than

her sister. In fact I would say she is (intelligent) student in the class.

She certainly gets (good) grades.

Not only is she clever, pretty and popular, she is also very good at sports. She is (fast) runner in the school and she has won

(more) medals at athletics.

Sue is not jealous of her sisterĺs many talents. After all, she has a boyfriend who thinks she

is (wonderful) girl in the world.

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