Problem bees

Complete the newspaper report by writing the verbs in brackets in the past simple or the past passive tense.

A holiday jet carrying 90 passengers (force) to turn back and land after a huge

swarm of bees (suck) into the engine. The Boeing 737 flight to Faro, Portugal,

(return) to Bournemouth airport after take off.

Thousands of dead bees (discover) in the engine. Tests

(carry out) and engineers then (rule) that it (not be) safe to fly.

A passenger Bridget Clarke, 40, of Bromley, Kent, said: There (be) this almighty

bang. It all (happen) so quickly. The air crew, however, (remain) very


Travellers (delay) for eleven hours before making the trip to Faro on another

plane. A further 106 passengers at Faro, waiting to return to the UK, (affect) too.

The managing director of Palmair said: The bees (suck) in on take-off or

shortly afterwards. There (be), surprisingly enough, no panic.

The drama (come) after a swarm of 30,000 bees (cause) panic on

Bournemouth beech. Terrified sunbathers (flee) when the bees (swarm) on the

crowded beech. Holidaymakers (think) they were watching a flock of birds as the huge

black cloud (fly) down towards Bournemouth pier. They (dash) for safety when

they (hear) menacing buzzing.

A bee expert (put on) protective gear and (succeed) in capturing the

queen bee. He (take) her back to his own hive and she (follow) by the


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