Present perfect past simple conversation

Complete the conversation by putting the verbs in brackets into the present perfect or simple past.

Ann: Hello Tim

Tim: Hello, I (not see)) you for a long time.

Ann: I (see) you a couple of weeks ago, but you (not see) me. I (be) in a taxi.

Tim: Well, how are things. Are you still living in London.

Ann: No, I (move). I (find) a super house in the suburbs a couple of months ago.

It (cost) a fortune, 300,000 pounds to be precise.

Tim: How can you afford it?

Ann: I (get) a new job and my salary . (double) I (have) the house

completely redecorated and (have) a new kitchen put in too.

Tim: You must be raking in the money.

Ann: Well, not exactly. My parents (die) in a car crash in June last year and I (inherit)

a lot of money.

Tim: Oh, Im sorry to hear that.

Ann: Yes, It (be ) a terrible shock. I (got) over it yet. It (be) worse for my

brother though. He (be) in the middle of his exams when the accident (occur) and as a

result he (fail) them and (drop) out of school.

Tim: What a shame! What is he doing now?

Ann: Nothing. He (be) unemployed since he (leave) school and he is not making any

attempts to get a job. Thats enough about me. What about you

Tim? anything exciting ( happen) to you.

Tim: No, not really. My mother (be) very unwell for a few months now and I (have)

to move back home to look after her. I (get) to rush off now to get some medicine for her. It

would be nice if we could meet soon. You (get) my mums number, havent you?

Ann: Yes, I have. Ill give you a ring at the weekend. By the way, I just

(pass) my driving test and I (buy) a new car last week so we could

go down to the coast at the weekend.

Tim: That would be fantastic. See you. Bye.

Ann: Bye.

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