Participles used as adjectives 3

Complete the text with the present or past participle of the verbs in brackets.

Amy: Have you heard the (astonish) news about Lucy and Sam?

Cathy: You mean about their getting married. Yes, I have. I was absolutely (astound) when I

heard about it. I thought it was the most (amaze) thing I'd heard in a long time.

I was (worry) that they would split up. They were always at each others throat.

It was (embarrass) to hear them row. And what is more, they didnt care who heard them.

Amy: I agree with you. I was pretty (stun) when I heard them myself. I was

(horrify) once at a dinner party. They didnt stop arguing through the whole of the

main course. It was really (distress).

Cathy: Of course, I'm (relieve) to hear that they are going to tie the knot.

But I cant imagine that they will live a life of (content), (wed) bliss.

Amy: What a (depress) thing to say.

Cathy: Not really. Im just being honest.

Amy: Well, weve got the wedding to look forward to. Weddings are always so (thrill).

Cathy: I cant see whats (thrill) in seeing two people getting hitched, knowing full

well that it wont last.

Amy: Now, youre making me (depress) again. Whats more, youre

(irritate) me. I think I had better leave before we have a row.

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