Present and past participles used as adjectives

Complete the text with the present or past participle of the verbs in brackets.

Sarah: Hi, Vicky. Have you had an (excite) day?

Vicky: I've had a (thrill) day. As it's my birthday, my father took me bungee jumping.

It was very (challenge) and a bit (frighten), but it was absolutely (amaze).

Sarah: Im sure it was. Im (amaze) that you dared. But I'm a little (confuse). I thought your birthday was on the 15th.

Vicky: No, that's Jenny's birthday. Mine is today.

Sarah: Oh! Now I'm (embarrass). I didn't get you a present. How (insult) can I be?

Vicky: That's OK. I forgot yours last year. Dont you remember how (disappoint) you were?

Sarah: Hey, I've just had a (fascinate) idea. Why don't we go to that little Italian restaurant and have dinner? My birthday treat. You must be

starving after all that exercise. That way we can do something thats really (please).

Vicky: What an (enchant) idea. When shall we go?

Sarah: What about right now?

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