Negative prefixes 5

Complete the sentences with one of the adjectives below.


Im sorry but these bottles are .

She has a very life style. She does no exercise, eats too much and smokes and drinks.

Since the 1st June 2007, it is to smoke in restaurants and bars in Iceland.

We had a very holiday this year. It rained all the time.

Duncan had a roving eye, but he was never to his wife.

It was to sleep because of the noise.

Its highly that hell agree to do it.

I found the violence in that film totally .

It would be to drive in these weather conditions.

They only meet at intervals.

It was to see the view because of the fog.

It is that he will win the match. His opponent is far too good.

If he had been to me, I would have left him.

It was totally to pack all those clothes. We wont use half of them.

You need to put down a deposit of $40 in order to book the room. In case of a no-show

the deposit is .

It is to drive under the influence of drink.

It is to have too much salt in your diet.

You should learn the verbs.

It was to leave that trainee in charge of that machine.

There was an surprise awaiting us when we returned from holiday. We had

forgotten to take out the garbage.

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