Negative prefixes 3

Complete the sentences with one of the adjectives below.

unpopulardisorganised impatient

She was very when her dog died.

Im not wearing that. Its too .

Its very to point at people.

No one likes her. Shes the most girl in the class.

Our neighbours never greet us, theyre very .

Hes a reasonable teacher, but hes inclined to be a bit with slow learners.

When she needed them most, all her friends deserted her. They were very .

Hes impossible to work for; hes so . The whole office is in chaos.

Im sorry I cant accept that answer. Its .

He qualified as a doctor a year ago, but hes still very .

The whole conference was totally . Nobody knew what they were supposed to be doing.

Putting on so much weight has made her very .

Im afraid I have written an password.

How could you think of wearing a twin-set? Its so .

Dont be so . Theyre only five minutes late.

Theyre young parents and need all our support.

Its to talk with your mouth full.

The governments decision to raise taxes was very .

It was very of you not to lend him a pencil.

He promised his best friend, Len, not to reveal his secret. But he was so he told

everyone as soon as Len had gone.

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