Fill in the gaps with a, an or the

mans best friend

dog was looking for food for her new-born puppies. It found infant-girl in forest in

Kenya. The dog found baby in forest south of capital Nairobi. It then took infant,

wrapped in unclean black cloth, and carried her across busy road and through barbed-wire

fence and placed her close to her own puppies.

witness stated, I heard sound of baby crying, When I looked closely, I saw dog

carrying baby as it crossed road.

owner of dog, Mary, said her dog lay next to baby and cared for it. When she

saw baby, first thing she did was to wash her before she rushed her to hospital.

At hospital, 3.3-kilogram baby was christened Angel. Doctors confirmed that

new-born girl had been out in open for at least two days after being abandoned.

doctor on duty said, infant of such tender age, having spent two nights in

cold, is likely to develop breathing problems.

These kinds of incidents in which babies are abandoned are very common in East African

countries like Kenya where over 56% of the population lives on less than dollar day.

This certainly is proof that dogs are really mans best friend.

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