Mary, Queen of Scots

Join the sentences using a relative pronoun to make one sentence. Don't forget the commas and a full stop at the end of each sentence.

James V of Scotland was Mary's father. James V died when Mary was only one week old in 1542.

Mary married Francis when she was still a child. Francis was the son of the French King.

Mary was a beautiful woman with long red hair. Mary became Queen of two countries in 1559 when the French King died.

Francis was king for only one year. Francis died in 1560.

Mary of Guise was Mary's mother. Mary of Guise did not want her in France and sent her back to Scotland.

Mary married Lord Darnley. Darnley was her cousin, however, Mary and Darnley did not like each other.

Darnley became very jealous of an Italian, called Ricco. Ricco was Mary's secretary.

Darnley and a group of friends murdered Ricco in front of Mary. Ricco was Mary's lover.

Darnley was Mary's husband. Darnley was murdered two years after Ricco's murder.

Bothwell became Mary's third husband. Bothwell was suspected of murdering Darnley.

The Scots were furious with Mary for marrying Bothwell, and wanted James as their King. James was Mary's son.

Mary escaped to England, where she was at first befriended by Queen Elizabeth 1. Elizabeth was Mary's cousin.

Elizabeth did not trust the beautiful Scottish Queen. She was put in prison and then, finally in 1587, she was beheaded for treason. Bothwell escaped to Norway, where he went mad and died in prison.

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