A disastrous year

Put each verb in brackets into the present perfect, the past perfect or the simple past tense

What a year this (be)! I (have) such a terrible time that I know that I

(break) the world record for bad luck.

The trouble (begin) on January 1st. When I (wake up), I

(discover) that I (forget) to turn the tap off and the bathroom was flooded. My

first task in the New Year, before I (have) a cup of coffee, (be) to mop up all the

water on the bathroom floor. After I (mop) up the water, it (take) an hour, I

(decide) to relax and watch Sky news on television. But then I

(remember) that the television (break down) the night before.

The day the new term (begin) I (wake up) to find that someone

(steal) my car the night before. By the time I (contact) the police and

(make) my report, I (be) late for school. It (not be) the best way to begin the term.

The police later (find out) that the joy riders (crash) my car into a wall

and (abandon) it.

The next month I (buy) a new car, but I (have) for long, when I

(brake) too hard and (run) into the back of a lorry. The car (be) a right off.

In March my luck (seem) to change. I (win) big time on the lottery. My joy

(not last) long. When I (look for) the ticket, I (see) that my cat (eat) it.

In horror, I (realise) that my cat (cost) me half a million pounds.

Next (come) the Easter vacation. We (decide) to go to London. Minutes

before we (be) to land, the pilot (tell) us that there (be) a bomb scare there

and we (fly) back to Glasgow.

The summer holidays (arrive). We (spend) two glorious weeks in Iceland.

The weather (be) perfect, the landscape (be) magnificent, everyone (be) friendly,

we (eat) like kings and there (not be) a disaster in sight. This (be) too good to

be true, I (know) it. When we (get) home, we (see) that someone

(break into) our flat and (steal) my laptop. Not only that, but before we (leave)

for Iceland, I (turn off) the electricity forgetting that the freezer was (be) full. The

smell, as we (enter) the house, (be) appalling.

These disasters (continue) to the present day. I dont know what I (do) to deserve this fate, but I do hope my luck will change soon.

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