Reported speech

Jerry Jagger, pop singer and multi-millionaire, has just died. He was not very popular with the press Below are some examples of what the press said about him during his lifetime. Write down what they said.


“Jagger is a very unpleasant person” - Daily Express

The Express stated that Jagger was a very unpleasant person.

“Jagger was unfaithful to his wife and treated her badly- Morning Star

The Morning Star reported that Jagger .

“Jagger took drugs.” - Daily Mirror

The Mirror said that Jagger .

“He starts drinking when he gets up.” - Telegraph

The Telegraph accused him .

“He never gets up before 6 p.m.” - Herald

The Herald stated that .

and goes to bed in the early hours of the morning.” - Herald

and .

“Jagger shows little interest in his children” - Times

The Times complained that Jagger .

“Jagger has never paid his taxes.” - Post

The Post stated that Jagger .

“Even as a child he was dishonest - Star

The Star stated that .

and he even stole from his grandma.” ­- Star

and .

Here are some examples of what The Star said after his death. Write down what the reporter


“Jerry Jagger, aged 60, died of an overdose the night before.”

The Star stated that .

“He got married two days ago to a 17-year-old.”

The Star stated that .

“He cheated his children out of their inheritance.”

The Star stated that .

“He left his young wife everything.”

The Star stated that .

“This man was a monster.”

The Star stated that .

“He had never loved anyone but himself.”

The Star stated that .

“He may have been a successful pop-singer, but nothing more.”

The Star stated that .

“His children despised him.”

The Star stated that .

“He will not be missed by anyone.”

The Star stated that .

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