An uneventful day

Fill in the gaps with the determiners the, an, a, some, any, her, its, another, no, that.

Monday, like most Mondays, was yet uneventful day.

Janet got up as usual at 7, washed, dressed and had breakfast.

She always had apple and slice of toast for breakfast and today

was exception. Then she left for school.

She caught bus at twenty to eight and arrived at school in time for first lesson.

first two lessons passed without problems, but they were bore.

Then came break.

She nipped out to shop next to school and bought coke and candy.

Not allowed, of course, but she didnt give hoot.

School dragged on in usual boring fashion until it was time to go home.

What was there to look forward to when she got home?

computer had crashed, so there was way she could talk to friends.

So that left either essay to write and or telly.

mum wouldnt subscribe to commercial stations, so even watching telly was bore.

evening was exception.

She watched news and old movie she had seen dozen times before.

And then it was time to go to bed. What awful day!

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