Countable and uncountable nouns

Complete the conversation between Philip and Sean by putting in a, an, the, much, many or some.

Philip: Hello Sean, What summer this has been, Weíve had so rain. Iíve never

seen anything like it.

Sean: Yes, weíve had pretty awful weather and there has been pretty

depressing news in newspapers too; first floods and now outbreak of foot and mouth.

What will be next?

Philip: Yes I know what you mean. Anyway, what have you been up to? Youíve started

university, havenít you?

Sean: Only part time. Iím doing course on meteorology. Iíve got essay to hand in after

weekend so Iím off to library to do research.

There is so work involved in just single course. You wouldnít believe how

essays Iíve written this term.

And Iím still trying to hold down full-time job at bank.

Philip: Well, if you want advice, Iíll give it to you anyway, Iíd quit job at bank

and concentrate on your studies; or get evening job at pub or something.

There are so part time jobs going if you need cash.

Sean: Well, Iím pretty broke and I need money that I get from bank.

Philip: Canít your parents lend you money until youíve finished course?

Sean: I donít like to ask them. Theyíve just bought me furniture for my flat,

armchair, couch, enormous bed and kitchen equipment too. Iíll manage somehow.

Anyway, enough about me, what are you up to?

Philip: Iím about to go on long vacation. I intend to travel round South America. In fact Iím going to

travel agency now to get information on touring South America. Iíll be away for

couple of months or maybe bit longer.

Sean: That will cost you pretty penny.

Philip: I know, but it is something that I have always wanted to do. Iíve got savings in the bank

and I intend to blow them all on vacation. My brotherís coming with me and heís got

lot of money. So heíll lend me money if I run short.

Sean: Well lucky you. Iíve got to dash. Have enjoyable holiday and send me postcard or

e-mail if you are ever net connected.

Philip: Iíll do that, Good luck with your studies. Bye.

Sean: Bye.

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